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MojiLife, headquartered in Lindon, Utah, markets a unique line of fragrance devices that provide scents like candles with wax, wicks or flames.

MojiLife's mission statement:

We offer cutting-edge technology and an innovative product while striving to provide opportunities that build relationships, enhance cheerful homes, and improve the lives of people around the world.

Flameless, wickless, waxless fragrance devices
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Jewelry in Candles

Jewelry In Candles is a direct sales company offering a line of scented candles, each of which contains a ring, necklace, or pair of earrings worth between $10 and several thousand dollars.
Jewelry In Candles' products are made of 100% clean-burning soy wax that is safe for the environment. As a candle burns down, the surprise jewelry inside is revealed. Customers can choose their ring size and favorite jewelry in every product. The company offers scented wax tarts and aroma beads in addition to candles.

Jewelry In Candles is currently developing a party program to include home parties, silent parties and Facebook parties.

Soy wax candles with surprise jewelry inside
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Bellaroma is a direct sales company based in Woods Cross, Utah that markets a line of décor candles, candle warmers and accessories through its independent Consultants at home parties. Hostesses of Bellaroma parties can earn up to 25% in free product, as well as additional half-priced items, based on total sales.

Bellaroma has partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and donates 100% of the proceeds from the sale of its Bellaroma Bliss NAMI candle to support programs, initiatives and activities dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness.

Decor candles, candle warmers and accessories
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David Oreck Candle Company

The David Oreck Candle Company (DOCC) offers candles and accessories at home parties and online. All of the company's candles are made in the USA with lead-free cotton or wooden wicks and natural vegetable blend waxes.

Hostesses of DOCC parties earn free and half-price items based on total sales, plus monthly specials. Hostesses can also do catalog order parties or take advantage of DOCC's "Glow to Go" option, which gives them several products and scent samplers along with all the catalogs and paperwork they need to do a party on the road.

Candles and Accessories
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Scent-Lit is a direct sales company based in Yorktown, VA, that offers a line of wickless candles through a home party format.

Scent-Lit's candles consist of a decorative electric light with an adjustable dimmer. Fragrance can be sprayed onto the candle lid to provide hours of scent. The company offers several collections of candles and scents to appeal to different tastes.

Hostesses of Scent-Lit parties earn free products based on the total sales at their party. Scent-Lit also offers charities and groups the opportunity to earn a percentage of the sales when they host a Scent-Lit event.

Wickless Candles
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Eclipse Candle Company

Eclipse Candle Company, based in Corpus Christi, Texas, offers wickless Memory Melts, scented candles, warmers, room sprays and body products, which are sold at home parties by their "Glow Team" throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The company is a member of the DSA.

100% of the net proceeds from Eclipse Candle Company's ECC Believes! Charitable Collection is donated to organizations that provide aid to injured service members and Christian humanitarian organizations. The company also offers a fundraising program that earns participating organizations 50% profit on all candles sold.

Candles, Warmers, Wickless Memory Melts, Jars, Accessories
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Soylicious describes itself as an Eco friendly company that manufactures and sells soybean wax candles made from renewable resources and recyclable glass container holders.

Soylicious is a direct marketing company that pays percentage of sales and bonuses as commissions.

Scented and colored soybean wax candles made from two types of soybeans and botanical oils. Also carry soy soap, room sprays and electric tart melters.
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Enchanting Scents Designs

Enchanting Scents Designs, created in 1998, specializes in natural wax candles that are custom designed by master Chandlers. Customers can choose the fragrance and color combination they desire for each candle. Soy candles are created with all natural soy & vegetable wax.

Enchanting Scents Designs' representatives have the freedom to sell the products the way they choose. Reps are allowed to choose the fragrances they offer their customers. Enchanting Scents Designs allows its representatives to sell its products in any sales venue: home shows, craft shows, flea markets, fairs, websites, etc. Start-up cost is $15.00, including a personalized website. There are no inventory requirements or monthly sales quotas.

Candles and accessories
Enchanting Scents Designs Review and Product Details

Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company

Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Co was started in 2006. Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company set out to give the consumer what they wanted in a candl - clean and long burning, the entire candle melts, adds to the decor of your home. Mon Ami candles are triple scented and double wicked, and are offered through sales reps at a reasonable price.

Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company was started when the founder began making candles in a kitchen experimenting with hundreds of different scents from different manufacturers, different types of wax, and sizes and types of wicks.

Clean and long burning candles
Mon Ami Gourmet Candle Company Review and Product Details

DiamondCreek Candles

DiamondCreek Candles offer traditional jar candles in various sizes, pillar candles, votives, warmers, tea lights, potpourri oil, wax, lamp fuel, soaps and soy candles. DiamondCreek Candles offers candles scented with fruit, aromatherapy, seasonal and clean fragrances in varying sizes, as well as sampler packs for reasonable prices.

Fragranced jar and pillar candles, wax tarts, lamp oil, tea lights, soaps
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For Every Home

For Every Home has expanded from a small retail store into a large private, women-owned candle company. Becky Anderson, For Every Home's founder, still works alongside one of her daughters, and has built For Every Home around her philosophy that her most important job is being a mother.
In 2007, Becky created For Every Home to give women like her opportunities to celebrate the moments, memories and milestones that happen at home. From her experience, Becky knows home businesses give women the freedom, flexibility and financial independence to spend time doing the things they love.
Empowering women is built into the core foundation of everything that happens at For Every Home. From creating greater awareness of breast cancer to making houses into homes, For Every Home celebrates women.

Soy Wax, fragranced candles
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Founded in 2004, Scentsy Fragrance ( formerly Scentsy ) is a company based in Meridian, Idaho that produces The Scentsy Wickless Candle, a home product designed to melt scented wax bars in order to produce various aromas. Scentsy Wickless Candles are meant to take the place of open flame candles. The concept was first conceived in 2003 by Colette Gunnell and Kara Egan, the company's founders. Gunnell and Egan introduced the product in 2004 during a home show in Salt Lake City, Utah, where it impressed Orville Thompson, who then purchased the company and began to market it alongside his wife.

Scentsy Products began to gain popularity when the company held its first successful showing by Orville Thompson and his wife at a home party. The company's core product is the Scentsy Wickless Candle. It utilizes an electric light bulb-heated base instead of an open flame. The base sits beneath the upper portion of the candle which is a container designed to hold dissolvable products such as wax bars, aromas, and oils. When heated, these products are designed to spread the scent better than traditional candles.

Scentsy Candles, Scentsy Bars, Scentsy Warmers, Room Sprays and Car Candles. The Scentsy product line consist of chunks of scented candle wax, and an electric candle warmer unit to melt them. Scentsy offers 75 unique candle warmers, and a wide variety of scent categories, including Bakery, Romance, Fall and Winter, among others, and scents ranging from Taj Majal, to Sticky Cinnamon Bun.
Scentsy Review and Product Details

Bittersweet Candle

Bittersweet Candle is a family owned direct sales company that hand crafts premium candles. Bittersweet Candle employs a Team Level Marketing concept to distribute their products through Independent Sales Representatives.

Candles and Candle Accessories, Reed Diffusers
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Country Charm Candle and Soap

Each and every Country Charm Candle is Hand at a time, from beginning to end, resulting in a highly fragranced, long burning candle.

Soap and Cancles
Country Charm Candle and Soap Review and Product Details

Marlo Quinn

from the Marlo Quinn website: "Here at Marlo Quinn... our goal is to work closely with our consultants to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their needs - whether it is supplemental income, hobby or a full time business. We believe in open communication as a key to achieving your desired results. And we pride ourselves on creating elegant natural products at reasonable prices" -Marcee Townsend Founder

Natural based products. Soy candles. Natural based bath, body and skin care products.
Marlo Quinn Review and Product Details

CandleWealth International

CandleWealth International has created a home-based business opportunity that allows people to take part in the shift from the old polluting paraffin based candles to the new clean burning candle of the future.

Soy candles
CandleWealth International Review and Product Details

Gold Canyon Candle Co

Gold Canyon Candle Company offers an opportunity for hostesses and distributors to start their own business selling fragrance candles and fine candle products.

Fragrance Candles
Gold Canyon Candle Co Review and Product Details

Sweet Berry Designs

The Sweet Berry Designs business opportunity lets Hostesses participate in the direct sales of Soy candles and bath & body products. Sweet Berry Designs consultants can sell products at home parties and online.

Soy Candles
Sweet Berry Designs Review and Product Details

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