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(forwarded to Npros)

Dear Bigsmart Member,

As many of you are aware, there has been widespread distortions and misrepresentations of Bigsmart's dealings with the Maine Attorney General. One of the Company's primary goals has been and continues to provide its members access to benefits from e-commerce and a marketing plan that will help its members benefit from and direct others to the change in retail selling being driven by the Internet revolution. It has always been our intent to take whatever steps necessary to ensure the marketing plan was in compliance with all applicable laws so that neither the Company nor its members would be distracted by legal challenges to the plan.

Bigsmart has recently resolved without any admission of wrongdoing, a challenge initiated by the State of Maine and in a manner that will allow Bigsmart to continue to do business in Maine. This is contrary to false assertions by our competitors and critics, that the Consent Order admits the Company violated the law and prevents the company from operating in Maine. Upon reviewing the claims of Maine's Attorney General, the Company responded quickly and voluntarily met with the Maine Attorney General and resolved all issues by agreement, without a Court hearing. Although the Company believed its business plan complied with all laws, including even Maine's extreme multi-level marketing statute, it did not want its Members' businesses subjected to the uncertainty that lengthy legal proceedings would have caused. The Company is in the process of modifying its business plan in a manner that it believes removes any question that its plan conforms with Maine's applicable laws.

Our primary goal is to ensure that any necessary changes are handled in a way that maintains the confidence and enthusiasm we have seen in the people in Maine and elsewhere who are participating in our exciting e-commerce opportunity.

The formalized modified plan will be e-mailed to you as soon as possible. Your continued patience and support are greatly appreciated.


Bigsmart Legal Department