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November 2022

Eniva in the Rocky Mountain News  

Eniva Vibe is a line of liquid vitamins (and other nutrients) being aggressively promoted as a healthful alternative to vitamins and minerals sold in tablet form. A chief selling point is the claim that liquid vitamins are better absorbed by the body because large, hard pills may pass through the di...

Source: Rocky Mountain News

Eniva in the Rocky Mountain News
Posted 4/8/2008

Eniva takes VIBE abroad  

6/6/2006 - Eniva Corporation, the maker of liquid ‘all-in-one’ nutritional supplement VIBE, has expanded its sales network to include Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The Minneapolis-based manufacturer of network marketed products said it is taking its two-year-old flagship product abroad because i...


Eniva takes VIBE abroad
Posted 6/8/2006

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