Source: PRWeb 4/7/2006

UtlimateMatch and Online Dating

Network Marketing and Online Dating The Next Internet Phenomena

The power of network marketing combine with the online dating industry is a combination that can't be missed. Over 1,000 firms use this distribution model and it drives sales of over $50 billion annually in the marketplace.


Fort Wayne,IN (PRWEB) March 18, 2006 -- For network marketers, the future looks very bright indeed, because there are economic trends already in process that will drive more and more people to participate in this business in the years ahead.

People Want More Freedom. Gone are the days when a person takes a job at age 25 and stays there for life, doing as he's told to keep that job secure. Today, people want to be more mobile and have more choices. They want the freedom to live their lives on their own terms.

A part-time network marketing business offers people more control over their lives; ultimately, it provides more freedom. It provides a low-cost-of-entry, ready-made system for those anxious to make a change.

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