Source: Texas Attorney General 5/17/2006

BioPerformance Shut Down by Texas AG

Abbott Shuts Down Dallas-based Bioperformance For Peddling Fake Fuel Pills In Pyramid Scheme Claims of increased gas mileage to save consumers money called bogus

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today filed a lawsuit and obtained a temporary restraining order and asset freeze against Texas-based BioPerformance Inc. The company, organized as an illegal pyramid scheme, markets a fuel pill it falsely claims will boost gas mileage and save consumers money.

BioPerformance Inc., president and owner Lowell Mims and co-owner Gustavo Romero of Irving advertise nationally via the Internet and through seminars around Texas and other states, exploiting the climate of today's high fuel prices. The company's ads claim the gasoline pills and powders they offer have a non-toxic "top secret gas pill" that can increase fuel efficiency by 30 percent or more and cut harmful emissions by up to 50 percent. In fact, the additive is basically the chemical equivalent of mothballs, which are toxic.

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