Source: Business Wire 5/5/2006

EcoQuest to Appear on World Business Review

EcoQuest International to Appear on Alexander Haig's World Business Review TV Series -- May 7, 2006 on CNBC (As Paid Programming) BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 4, 2006--Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces that EcoQuest International will appear on World Business Review, hosted by General Alexander Haig.

For years, the prime focus on pollution in the environment rested with the outdoors. Now, we have all learned that our indoor air is actually a bigger danger. This segment of World Business Review explores how EcoQuest International helps address the quality of the air we breath indoors where odors, dust and germs are virtually everywhere.

"EcoQuest is dedicated to improving the environments where people live and work by providing innovative products and services designed to enhance and improve the quality, safety and convenience of living indoors," stated EcoQuest President and CEO, Mike Jackson.

Sr. Coordinating producer Jay Crosby added, "When researching the latest developments in environmental technologies for air and water, EcoQuest consistently came up as being in touch with the most current advancements in this area. They were a natural to appear on this edition of World Business Review."

EcoQuest Founder and President Mike Jackson joined bio-issues expert Dr. James Marsden in an interview with former Secretary of State Alexander Haig for a World Business Review program.

Marsden currently serves as the Board of Regent's Distinguished Professor of Meat Science at Kansas State University. He is also a member of EcoQuest's Scientific Advisory Board.

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