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NuSkin Polishing Skin Refiner Gets Positive Review

Complexion cure-alls

...Cleansers and scrubs. Get smoother skin at the start of your regimen with gentle exfoliating cleansers and face scrubs. Remember that not all cleansing products will do your skin type good. Dry skin works better with physical exfoliants than chemical ones--the latter may irritate and strip skin of its natural moisture.

One of the best ones I've tried is NuSkin's Polishing Skin Refinisher, a non-abrasive exfoliant that sloughs off roughness without harsh scrubbing. Fans of smooth, translucent fair skin will likewise love Shu Uemura White Recovery EX Gentle Brightening Massage Gel, an ingenious "facial in a tube" that works by polishing the skin surface while infusing the skin with brightening ingredients, and kicks up circulation with its mild "massaging" action. This is one product you'd definitely want in your beauty stash because it works double-duty...

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