Source: MarketWire 7/12/2006

4Life Research Launches Foundation 4Life

4Life Research Launches Foundation 4Life With a $75,000 Gift to La Casa Rosada Orphanage

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 11, 2006 -- Today, 4Life Research™ launched the Foundation 4Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to philanthropy wherever 4Life Research conducts business. On Friday, July 7, an inaugural donation of $75,000 was presented onsite to the nuns of La Casa Rosada ("The Pink House"), a well-known Catholic orphanage for HIV positive children in downtown Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Co-Founder, Bianca Lisonbee: "Thanks to diligent 4Life Distributors and our focused corporate leadership, our science and success are known worldwide. With today's inaugural donation of the newly formed Foundation 4Life, we look forward to an intense focus on service around the world."

4Life Research's history of service led to the Foundation's creation. "Science, success and service engender the principles that have driven 4Life's international growth in more than 40 countries in just seven years," remarks David Lisonbee, 4Life Founder and CEO. "The formalization of our Foundation is a natural outgrowth of our history and commitment to building people, families and communities."

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