Source: Triathalete Magazine 7/23/2006

Runners Endorse Freelife International Goji Juice

...As for preparation, here‚s how the tenacious terrain trio‚s spokesperson, Charlie Engle, summed up what FreeLife International‚s Himalayan Goji Juice has done for them. „ I‚ve been an ultra endurance athlete for 20 years and have tried every fitness and nutritional product available to me. Himalayan Goji Juice has provided THE most powerful and fastest results I have ever experienced. The intensity of my workouts and speed of recovery have increased greatly, and my focus and concentration are truly off the charts! Ray Zahab adds „Himalayan Goji Juice is the best decision you can make to improve performance. Kevin Lin says, "With Himalayan Goji Juice, my energy is great and my recovery from a long run is fantastic!"...

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  • Freelife International Donates Ten Thousand to Youth Services
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