Source: 7/23/2006

Power Pops with Hoodia

Power-Pops with Hoodia, Weight Loss Aid, Stop Smoking Aid??

New Power-Pops with Hoodia from FUN Unlt (For Ultimate Nutrition Unlimited), is the latest innovation set to revolutionize the weight loss industry.

(PRWEB) July 16, 2006 -- Founded in 2003, they started by partnering with a master herbalist with 45 years experience in herbs and their interactive properties, to deliver to the customer only the freshest, most potent ingredients found today, ingredients with proven results. Herbs and natural remedies are the main focus, because they believe it doesn't take chemicals or drugs to achieve positive results. The bottom line is that they strive to produce formulations that will safely and effectively improve people's health. This is done though extensive testing, research and selecting the finest ingredients available. They use no fillers.

Weight loss is a 60 billion dollar market in the US alone, where more than 98 million are overweight. Many have heard about Hoodia and it's unique ability to suppress the appetite and help in the battle of the bulge. They combined Hoodia with CITRIMAX another weightloss supplement, L-Tyrosine, B Vitamins, Guarrana and natural flavors. Then they bound it together with a small amount of beet and corn sugar. They put it on a stick to to be slowly and deliciously melted away in the mouth, to satify the never ending cravings and oral fixations we all have. There you have it, "Power-Pops" for weight management and energy. This is the latest innovention in the area of weight loss utilizing Hoodia gordonii, the amazing succulent from South Africa that has been shown in clinical trials to suppress the appetite and increase energy.

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