Source: Market Wire 7/8/2006

Stanley Home Products-75 Years of Excellence

Stanley Home Products: 75 Years of Excellence and a Place in Direct Selling History

LEICESTER, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 07, 2006 -- CPAC, Inc., (NASDAQ: CPAK) announces that in August, Stanley Home Products will celebrate its 75th Anniversary, marking three-quarters of a century of success for the company that introduced the "Party Plan" method of direct selling.

In 1931, Frank Stanley Beveridge and Catherine L. O'Brien founded the company in Westfield, Massachusetts. Frank, a vice president in charge of sales for The Fuller Brush Company, teamed up with Catherine, an associate, to launch a new direct selling company. Influenced by the economic hardships of the Great Depression on millions of Americans, Frank and Catherine envisioned an opportunity for people to start their own business with a minimal investment, selling products that people use everyday. In 1931, this vision became Stanley Home Products -- a door-to-door selling company offering high-quality household cleaners, brushes, and mops.

Within a few short years, Stanley Home Products became a household name. In the late 1930's the company turned a new corner with the introduction of an innovative selling method, the "party plan." This concept was developed by Norman W. Squires, whom Mr. Beveridge hired to acquire the "Hostess Home Party" plan.

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