Source: Iceland Daily News 2/10/2007

Herbalife Statement in Iceland

From Borre Gjersvik, Nordic Director, Herbalife:

Herbalife products have been sold in Iceland for the past seven years with the full approval of all the appropriate regulatory authorities and we have ongoing dialogue with the State Drug Inspectorate (SDI).

Consumer confidence in the safety and efficacy of our products is our number one priority. The reports to which Ms. Erlingsdˇttir refers in her opinion piece were based on information provided by Professor Magn˙s Jˇhannsson M.D. Ph.D.of the Institute of Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Iceland.

An Herbalife representative met with Professor Jˇhannsson in April 2006. Professor Jˇhannsson expressed the view that some products may have contained one or more of nine herbal ingredients he viewed as a concern.

Herbalife confirmed in writing to Professor Jˇhannsson that the Herbalife products licensed for sale in Iceland never contained any of those herbs, with the exception of ginseng which can be found in one of our supplements...

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