Source: PR Web 3/20/2007

Wellness International Expanding into Hispanic Market

Wellness International Network, Ltd. Expanding into the Hispanic Market

Plano, TX (PRWeb) March 20, 2007 -- Ralph Oats and Cathy Oats, Founders of Wellness International Network, Ltd., (WIN) an undisputed leader in the health and nutrition industries, are pleased to announce the expansion of Wellness International Network in the Spanish-speaking market. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one of the fastest growing populations in the United States is Hispanics. In 1995, this population was projected to reach 32 million by 2025, accounting for 44 percent of the nation's population. In just five years that projection was surpassed with the Hispanic population growing to 32.8 million. This growing demographic is still working to establish financial stability with nearly 70 percent of the Hispanic population earning less than $30,000 per year. As a culture known for its family-oriented lifestyle, many are, sadly having to spend long hours working to survive, barely getting by and not enjoying life the way they desire. They, like many others, want to provide a better life for their families and are realizing that Wellness International Network is the vehicle to accomplish their dreams for a promising future.

In less than a year, the market for Ralph Oats and Cathy Oats' Wellness International Network has grown exponentially after Raquel and Rito Chavez, Wellness International Network Spanish-speaking distributors from California, heard a radio ad looking for entrepreneurs. In searching for a better life, they're are making a huge impact on pioneering a new market for Wellness International Network - sharing the opportunity through their extensive network, they are building a group of Spanish-speaking distributors, who want nothing more than the opportunity to control their destinies. Distributors in Texas are also experiencing rapid growth in the Hispanic market. Through warm-market contacts in their church, the medical field and other civic organizations; they have developed a solid core group of successful distributors, following the core trainings of Ralph Oats and Cathy Oats. Texan distributors have remained consistent in producing big volume, which translates to earnings.


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