Source: PRWeb 5/1/2007

ITV Ventures Recruiting for Infomercial Opportunity

ITV Ventures™ is a fast growing network marketing organization created in 2006 by the television infomercial company ITV.

New Brunswick, NJ (PRWeb) February 21, 2007 -- The television infomercial company ITV Direct® has created a marketing company called ITV Ventures™ which is being called a unique combination of the television infomercial advertising business and the network marketing (or multi level) business. By merging these two business models ITV Ventures™ emphasizes that it has removed the biggest obstacles to success for most network marketers and in the process has created a unique home business opportunity. More detailed information can be found on the website

The biggest obstacle facing most network marketers is the ongoing need for "sales leads" including people who are potential buyers of products as well as people to recruit into the business opportunity program. Because the ITV Ventures™ parent company ITV Direct® is in the business of promoting its product sales through TV infomercial advertising, they are in the unique position of being able to create an unlimited amount of sales leads for the new ITV Ventures™ home based network marketing agents, who they refer to as IBOs or Independent Business Owners. ITV Direct® intends to promote the ITV Ventures™ home business opportunity with a TV infomercial advertising campaign, a strategy designed to enhance each IBO's chance to build a successful home business that is capable of producing long term residual income.

In addition to ongoing residual income, the ITV Ventures™ compensation plan has a number of income streams available to their Independent Business Owners, which can be seen in detail at There is also a comprehensive "frequently asked questions" section of the website available at

Experienced business people and sales professionals are well aware that finding a niche for developing sales leads is a critical part of any business model. ITV Ventures' early recruiting success indicates that many entrepreneurs sense that the ITV Ventures™ marketing plan has created an unusual opportunity. Over 2000 IBOs have joined the organization as of January 1, 2007 and the company is still some months away from airing their first business opportunity TV infomercial.

The ITV Ventures™ organization is quickly attracting people from diverse backgrounds that include many successful professionals from other network marketing companies, homemakers, financial planners, and even former LA Lakers basketball superstar A.C. Green. Another recent recruit is IBO Chuck Irving from northern New Jersey who is a veteran of the financial services industry having worked on Wall Street and as a top producing sales agent for Citibank Establishment Services.

Mr. Irving says the thing that attracted him was the concept of a television lead program to build product sales and to build recruits for the multi level aspect of the business. He is convinced that the business will explode in popularity once the TV infomercial campaign for the business opportunity gets underway. Mr. Irving just started publishing a blog where he writes about the business opportunity, the unique lead program and how IBOs can make it work for them. The blog can be seen at

According to Mr. Irving, "They have eliminated the toughest part of any business with their unique lead program. The ITV Ventures™ business model is a real opportunity with significant potential which any experienced business person should immediately recognize. The power of television is substantial and the idea that we, as small independent business people, can tap into that potential is a rare opportunity". He adds, "This is for people who understand that to be really successful you need a marketing plan beyond talking to your friends, relatives and neighbors. Building success from your local sphere of influence may work for some people, but it will not work for most folks. The ITV Ventures™ concept is an achievable and professional plan for success." Mr. Irving adds that, "with the expanding demand for home businesses from so many professionals whose jobs are getting outsourced and with the necessity for additional income for so many families who are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, the timing for the ITV opportunity seems perfect."

ITV Ventures™ currently markets about a dozen products relating to health and nutrition, but expects to have over 100 products and probably more within a year. For more information about the business opportunity visit and

Chuck Irving
ITV Ventures™ IBO

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