Source: Drinks Business Review - USA 5/29/2007

XanGo in the Drinks Business Review

While the health trend continues to influence the makeup of many new drink launches, taste is still a decisive factor for consumers. Two new products recorded by Productscan exemplify this, one developed to flavor filtered water, and another to add sweetness to medicines; two different products designed to make liquids taste better.

'Content Procter & Gamble has developed an innovative new product that allows flavored filter water to be delivered to the consumer straight from the tap. The Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System consists of flavor cartridges and a device which adds the flavoring straight from the tap. The device, called a faucet mount, filters the tap water, while the cartridges can be fitted into the faucet to create fruit-flavored water. The strength of the flavoring can be varied by pressing the button for longer. The product also comes in a pitcher variety, which provides the option of adding flavor cartridges to filtered pitcher water.

FlavorX has also released a novel flavor mixer in the US, this one designed to be added to medicine. The FlavorX Flavorit Home Flavoring Kit comes in watermelon, grape, bubblegum and orange varieties, as well as a sweetening enhancer variant, which allows children to choose a sweet flavor to add to their medicine to improve the taste.

Green tea extract is becoming more popular with manufacturers, with the ingredient featuring in a number of new types of drinks. It has recently been included in a new yogurt drink in Spain by Danone, called Essensis Pro-Nutris Yogurt Drink. The product contains fruit extracts and lactic active ferments, as well as green tea extract, which are said to feed the skin from the inside, helping it look more healthy.

Suntory's new health drink, recently released in Japan, also contains green tea extract, as well as a host of other health-giving ingredients. In total, the health drink, called Suntory Hyakunen Cha Ready-to-Drink Tea, contains 24 natural ingredients, ranging from mushrooms, seaweeds, Chinese wolfberry (goji berries) and barley, making this a unique drink offering.

(...Also claiming to offer health benefits is XanGo's Xalo drink, which has recently been launched in Germany, Austria and Belgium. This new functional fruit juice is claimed to provide several health benefits, including improved digestive health, skin regeneration, and increased natural energy levels. Like the previous product, this juice drink also consists of a variety of ingredients, such as mangosteen, aloe vera, grape seed, green tea extracts, and a variety of fruit juices....)

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