Source: PR Web 9/15/2007

Nutrilite Powers Two Leading Athletes

Nutrilite, the world's leading brand of vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements*, has signed Sanya Richards, the U.S. Record holder in the 400-meter sprint, and Jenn Stuczynski, the U.S. Record holder in the Pole Vault, as brand spokespersons.

"We are proud and honored to welcome Sanya Richards and Jenn Stuczynski as representatives of our NUTRILITEŽ brand," says Ray Alexander, Director of Marketing for Quixtar, through which the NUTRILITE brand is exclusively available in North America. "They are both phenomenal athletes who embody Nutrilite's approach to achieving optimal health through good nutrition, including supplementation; along with exercise, rest and making healthy choices in every area of life." Both Richards and Stuczynski will represent the NUTRILITE brand by appearing at various events attended by Independent Business Owners (IBOs) who market NUTRILITE products, participating in various incentive programs for IBOs, sharing their stories and belief in the importance of good nutrition with the public, participating in press conferences and other media marketing events, and wearing NUTRILITE apparel and other merchandise.

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