Source: Orlando BBB 1/10/2008

Orlando BBB Wealth Pools and Robert Lane Complaints

The Orlando BBB includes a history of prior ventures and attorney general actions against businesses associated with Wealth Pools International management.

Government Actions

On December 18, 2007, the Florida Office of the Attorney General filed a complaint against Cashback America, Inc.; United States Administrative Services, Inc., a/k/a Untited States Administrative Services Company, a/k/a United States Administrative Trust Company; and Richard Stupple, an individual; and Ronald Gooding, an individual. The Attorney General is s seeking a permanent injunction against the companies which would prevent them from operating in the State of Florida. The Attorney General has also asked the court to order the companies to pay substantial civil fines and restitution to all customers who were denied the full value of their promised rebates. The matter is pending.

On January 10, 2006, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania' Attorney General filed a case #M.D. 2006, against Cashback America, Inc. and United States Administrative Services, Inc. a/k/a United States Administrative Service Company. The Commonwealth brought the action to redress violations of the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, Act of December 17, 1968, P.L. No. 1224, as admended, 73 P.S. 201-1 et seq. (Consumer Protection Law). The case seeks the court to permanently enjoin the Defendants, their agents, representatives, servants, and employees from engaging in any conduct complained herein or any other conduct in violation of the Consumer Protection Law., The case also request restitution to all Pennsylvania consumers who purchased a product from a mercchant in conjunction with the Cashback Promotion in the amount of the face value of the Cashback Voucher issued to the consumer, among other things. This case is still pending at this time.

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