Source: Press Release 1/4/2008

Natural Health Trends Clarifies Relationship with bHIP

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - November 5, 2007) - Natural Health Trends Corp. (NASDAQ: BHIP), an international direct selling company (the "Company"), today announced that a former executive officer and director of the company, Terry LaCore, has formed a new direct selling business that he named bHIP Global, Inc. involving an energy water product.

The Company has had discussions with Mr. LaCore regarding use of the name "BHIP" and the Company's participation in his new venture. In anticipation of reaching an agreement with Mr. LaCore, the Company's subsidiary, MarketVision Communications, Inc. ("MarketVision"), agreed to provide certain information system services to bHIP Global, Inc. under a Service Bureau and Hosting Agreement (the "Service Agreement"), which the Company does not consider material.

The Company has not reached any further agreement with Mr. LaCore and bHIP Global, Inc. Other than the Service Agreement, which the Company may terminate on 90 days' notice, the Company has no involvement in or association with bHIP Global, Inc. or its business.

"We are concerned that certain statements we have seen and heard regarding bHIP Global on the Internet, as well as use of our BHIP name, are causing confusion that we are affiliated with, sponsoring or connected with bHIP Global, Inc. We want to clarify that, except for the Services Agreement, we have no relationship with, and we are not providing offices, warehouses, or other infrastructure to, bHIP Global, Inc.," said Chris Sharng, President of the Company. "Our discussion with Mr. LaCore is ongoing, and we are hopeful that all concerns can be resolved in a satisfactory manner."

The Company views the unauthorized use of the name "BHIP" or its derivatives by bHIP Global, Inc. as a trade name, trademark or service mark to be a violation of rights owned by the Company, for which the Company may seek an appropriate remedy if continuing talks with bHIP Global, Inc. do not result in a satisfactory resolution.

The Company also announced that it has terminated a Temporary Services Agreement under which Mr. LaCore had provided certain master distributor services to the Company.

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