Source: 3/26/2008

CoreVital Closes

CoreVital has closed with this final message from the Founder:

CoreVitál Distributors and Customers:

As you have seen in recent days we have regretfully posted the announcement of closure for CoreVitál. We as an executive team strived for open communications with you and felt ethically and morally more explanation was needed regarding the closure of CoreVitál.

As for the CoreVitál story it ends with a mission intact, "Building communities of healthy people, through life enhancing education, effective products, and inspiring motivational support." We as an executive team were walking down the path of effective products. We found one that resonated with you and your customers, with a patented process, formula, and unique story. Its primary ingredient was Alka-Plex®, as we as a company continued in talks with the manufacturer we could not come to a final agreement of providing the product to our network of distributors and customers.

We knew as an executive team without this proprietary product our continued attraction would rely on an excellent set of secondary products. However, the attraction could not continue at a growth rate that the company needed in order to provide you with support and education. Without this continued attraction, and the growth requirements needed to sustain a successful profitable business the decision was made to close the doors. We hope that this explanation gives more insight to what happened. We value you dedication and wish you well in you endeavors.

Lastly, we wanted to get some housekeeping items out of the way that are important to you and us. 1. Commissions for February - calculations were recently completed and payments I perceive will go out shortly. 2. Refunds for product - we have refunded product orders that have come in after Friday, March 14th. No product has been sent out since the 13th. Refunds on other products will be given to customers only; no order prior to December 13th, 2007 can be refunded. For refunds please contact Anthony Bott @ 3. For product inquiries to the Alka-Plex® ingredient products, feel free to contact your upline leaders or the person who introduced you to the product.

Thank you, Eugene Skinner Founder CoreVitál

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