Source: 4/22/2008

Shaklee in the FayObserver

Practically every Fayetteville store has some sort of Earth Day display on the shelves now, which made it really easy to shop for green finds this week.

I tried to narrow my picks to things that were either new to the market or now available because of mass demand.

Bed Bath & Beyond has an entire row of all-natural and eco-friendly bed linens in stock. The best are the bamboo linens made from the rapidly growing (and thus sustainable) bamboo plant. A set of queen sheets is about $90 and are soft as silk. And since they are bacteria resistant, they are a good option for those with allergies.

Shaklee, the maker of biodegradable cleaners, has an incredible concentrated all-purpose cleaner for practically anything that's dirty. A 16-ounce bottle of Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate (which creates 48 gallons of solution) is about $12. You can buy it online or from a local distributor to support the local economy. Distributors can be found at www.

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