Source: NPIcenter 4/8/2008

Tahitian Noni Releases new Tahiti Trim

Tahitian Noni International, creator of TAHITIAN NONI(R) Juice and other noni products, today announced the release of a new 3-day cleanse pack for the Tahiti Trim(R) Plan 40(R) weight management system. Plan 40 is a comprehensive program based on natural elements that addresses key issues specifically for women. Because many mid-aged women encounter pre-menopausal issues, weight management systems that work for men and younger women don't work for them. In addition, residual impurities can build up in the body and block optimal absorption of nutrients. Removing these toxins can help improve the benefits of nutrients taken into the body.

Plan 40 is based on three simple principles of health and weight management: cleanse, balance, and renew. Included is a high-quality medley of supplements to address the special nutritional needs of women over 40.

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