Source: Press Release 10/17/2009

Evolv Now Shipping

After months of anticipation and build-up, EvolvHealth LLC is announcing the availability of its flagship nutraceutical beverage Evolv™.

"Starting today, anyone who wants to order a case of Evolv for themselves or sell it as a distributor can do so from our website," says Brent Hicks, Chief Executive Officer of EvolvHealth. "Based on the tens of thousands of people who've pre-enrolled to become a distributor, the hundreds of emails we receive every day and a highly active Facebook fan page with thousands of fans, we're blown away by the interest. The demand is intense and far exceeding our expectations."

Since announcing the product in early August, nearly 40,000 people from a dozen countries have enrolled for information about Evolv. "Right now, Evolv is only available for purchase by residents of the U.S. but based on the interest we've received from around the world, plans are in the works to make it available in other countries soon," Hicks said.

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