Source: 1/8/2010

Mexican government approves LifeVantage Protandim

Mexican government approves Protandim Having cleared customs and achieving the approval of the Mexican government, a new drug called Protandim has been shipped to distributors in Mexico and is ready to be introduced to the public. Engineered by LifeVantage Corporation, a network marketing company founded in 2003 that provides anti-aging products; Protandim is a supplement designed to slow down the cell aging process, resulting in a more youthful looking appearance.

After a pre-launch in Mexico, LifeVantage announced its entry into the international market in mid to late 2009.

"I'm excited Protandim is finally in Mexico - it has been a long time in coming. We are

enthusiastic about the potential health benefits to all in Mexico who use Protandim as well as to the opportunities for future research that the availability of the product in Mexico will provide. I believe there is not another product like Protandim in Mexico." said Daniel Hernandez-Saavedra, director or research for the Biochemical Research Center within the National Medical Center of Mexico. Mr Saavedra is also a LifeVantage Scientific Advisory Board member.

"We believe that the availability of Protandim in Mexico is a great opportunity for consumers seeking to improve their health. Furthermore, with the arrival of Protandim in Mexico, in addition to the availability of our TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream, our distributors are now fully empowered to enjoy the increased financial benefits of the LifeVantage business opportunity." said Francisco Varela, the national sales director of Mexico for LifeVantage.

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