Source: Press Release 10/18/2010

Arbonne Introduces New Products

Arbonne International, LLC (Arbonne) today unveiled five new products in its FC5 line, including the Deep Cleansing Mask, Intense Hydration Mask, Cooling Foot Crème, Exfoliating Body Scrub and a Travel Fresh Set. Developed with vital cell nutrients from five fruits and vegetables - kiwi, strawberry, carrot, mango and pumpkin - Arbonne's FC5 products restore hydration to deliver radiant, beautiful skin.

"Arbonne's new FC5 products are created through a unique technology where cell nutrients remain encapsulated and intact until they are applied to the skin, where they then release fresh cell phytonutrients" ."Arbonne's new FC5 products are created through a unique technology where cell nutrients remain encapsulated and intact until they are applied to the skin, where they then release fresh cell phytonutrients," said Dr. Peter Matravers, Sr. Vice President of Product Development for Arbonne. "The combination of fresh botanicals and innovative science enables our FC5 skin care products to safely hydrate, gently exfoliate and moisturize to give skin a revitalized, youthful glow."

The FC5 line features products designed to address specific skin care needs, from normal/dry or oily/combination, to all skin types. All FC5 products are formulated without gluten, vegan certified and dermatologist tested. They can be purchased through Arbonne's extensive network of Independent Consultants, or online at

Deep Cleansing Mask Features a formula with glacial clay to draw out impurities and excess oils, refining pores for exceptional clarity and a revitalized appearance. Price: $32

Intense Hydration Mask Restores hydration and revitalizes dehydrated skin to promote a softer, more radiant appearance. Price: $32

Cooling Foot Crème Moisturizing, non-greasy foot crème hydrates rough, dry skin, and soothes, cools, and comforts tired feet. Price: $18

Exfoliating Body Scrub Exfoliates, gently foams and polishes skin leaving it smooth, fresh and visibly hydrated. Price: $30

Travel Fresh Set The Travel Fresh Set includes six travel-size FC5 products including Nourishing Daily Shampoo, Nourishing Daily Conditioner, Invigorating Body Cleanser, Conditioning Body Moisture, Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème and Cooling Foot Crème in a convenient travel bag. Price: $20 (with every $150 Suggested Retail Price Purchase)

More About the FC5 Line of Products

Arbonne is the exclusive provider of the FC5 Fresh Cell Technology - groundbreaking science that allows for the extraction of cells, while keeping them fresh and intact. The fresh cells remain encapsulated, untouched until they are applied to the skin where they release precious nutrients. Together with the formulas, they help revitalize, hydrate and protect the skin.

Kiwi-Extraordinary source of antioxidants. Strawberry-Known for its purifying and toning properties. Mango-Nurturing, hydrating fruit. Carrot-Soothes and calms; ripe with ß-carotene. Pumpkin-Moisturizing properties and bursting with ß-carotene.

Matte Fresh Complex: A concentrated combination of botanicals including mallow, melissa, watercress and ivy. Together with other ingredients, this soothing blend helps to calm and harmonize oily skin.

Moisture Fresh Complex: A unique blend of botanicals including St. John's wort and extracts of cucumber, birch leaf, watercress and clover blossom. Together with other ingredients, this complex helps to soften, cool, soothe and condition dry skin.

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