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Nu Skin Wins 2 Awards for Community Service

Nu Skin Wins 2 Awards for Community Service

PROVO, Utah (Vocus/PRWEB ) March 9, 2010 -- Nu Skin Enterprises Inc was recognized for outstanding corporate social responsibility programs with the presentation of two Communitas Awards. The awards are given by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) for excellence in community service and for ethical and environmental responsibility. The Communitas Awards is an international effort to recognize the spirit of communitas, people helping people.

"This honor is particularly meaningful because it recognizes our mission to be a force for good in the world by empowering people to improve lives," said Truman Hunt, Nu Skin president and CEO. "It's our giving culture that unites our global family of distributors, customers and employees in innovative efforts that multiply our ability to help people around the world. These efforts are particularly evident in the work we do through the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation and the company's Nourish the Children initiative."

This honor is particularly meaningful because it recognizes our mission to be a force for good in the world by empowering people to improve lives by recognizing individuals, organizations and companies for their volunteerism and socially responsible business practices, we are hoping to not only bring attention to great programs, but are working with community minded leaders to make the spirit of communitas an essential element of every business

Excellence in Community Service In the "Excellence in Community Service" category, Nu Skin was recognized for its collective effort in a company sponsored volunteer project known as Force for Good Day. Each year, Nu Skin employees and distributors around the world demonstrate their commitment to be a force for good through a service-oriented celebration. Annual "Force for Good Day" projects engage employees and distributors in meaningful humanitarian service in their local communities, while simultaneously celebrating Nu Skin's rich culture and history and enriching lives of thousands of children. In 2009, employee projects ranged from assembling art supply kits for a local children's group to renovating classrooms and playgrounds for underprivileged pre-school and school-age children.

Ethical and Environmental Responsibility Nu Skin was also recognized for its sustainability efforts in the category of ethical and environmental responsibility. To help protect the supply of natural resources in Malawi, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has developed the Seeds of Hope project in conjunction with Baobab Body Butter in its Epoch line of ethnobotanical products. Twenty-five cents from the sale of every Epoch Baobab Body Butter is donated to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation for the Seeds of Hope project. These funds are used to purchase and plant a variety of important and useful trees for the people of Malawi, including baobab trees and fruit trees. In 2009, Nu Skin distributors had sold enough Epoch Baobab Body Butter to donate and plant more than 100,000 trees in villages in Malawi.

In addition to the Seeds of Hope project, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation provides sustainable aid to the people in Malawi with its "Build a Village" project to help the people of Malawi become self-sufficient by learning advanced agricultural skills. The foundation helped build an actual village where 30-40 families can come and live for two years while they are trained in a variety of disciplines. Husbands and wives attend class together and their children attend school. In 2009, the first class of 33 families graduated from the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) at Mtalimanja Village and returned home to implement their new skills and teach them to others.

The Company Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. demonstrates its tradition of innovation through its comprehensive anti-aging product portfolio, independent business opportunity and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Nu Skin's scientific leadership in both skin care and nutrition has established Nu Skin as a premier anti-aging company, evidenced in its unique ageLOC™ science that addresses aging at its source. The company's anti-aging products feature the new ageLOC family of skin care products including ageLOC Future Serum and the ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa System II, as well Tru Face® Essence Ultra and LifePak® Nano. A global direct selling company, Nu Skin operates in 48 markets worldwide and has more than 750,000 independent sales representatives. Nu Skin is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "NUS." More information is available at

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