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FHTM Press Release

PR Log (Press Release) - Sep 28, 2008 - FHTM - Fortune Hi Tech Marketing named the best and fastest growing home based business opportunity. There are a lot of companies that make all types of claims and promises that just don't add up for some people. They generally push some lotion, potion, energy drink, nutritional supplement, or software package that just doesn't fit everyone.Sure you've heard the horror stories of people who have a garage full of product that they got stuck with it and just cannot move it or end up by giving it away.

However, there is one company out there that has something for everyone. Now, what if you had services and products that you used every single day? Now just think if you were able to get a percentage of what you are paying for the services that you are using right now. Wouldn't that be exciting?

Well a company called Fortune Hi Tech Marketing which is also known as FHTM, and founded by multi-millionaire Paul Orberson came up with a brilliant plan to bring together Fortune 500 companies that have services and products that people use every single day.

"People all over the country in both the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Puerto Rico use cellular phones, satellite services, internet connections, and travel just to name a few, states Sherri Russell, founder of the Your Travel Buddy and Your Travel Buddy Adventure Tours, "everyone has been doing Fortune Hi Tech for years they just haven't been getting paid for it."

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing was founded by Orberson back in 2001 with a compensation plan that was designed to put more money in the independent representative's pockets then any other compensation plan in existence.

In fact, the editor of Millionaire Blueprint magazine stated, "If I ever made a decision to get involved with any network marketing company, this is the company I would join!"

So here's a company that is debt free, has a solid foundation of seven years, has a compensation plan that has no equal and has a team of leaders that are interested in your success to succeed in a business that can build you a lifetime of residual income for the rest of your life.

And now with the economy in its current stance and thousands of people loosing their homes and jobs, it's nice to see that there is one company Fortune Hi Tech Marketing who is interested in helping people find their success once again.

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