Source: Press Release 4/19/2010


As CarbonCopyPRO held its 5th Master Marketing Event in Boca Raton, Florida, Lena Bjorna made history. One of PRO's top earners, she was the first woman to ever win a sales prize with the company.

Bjorna walked away with 3rd prize, a Mac Book Pro, in CarbonCopyPRO's bi-annual "Black box" sales contest. Truth is, however, she could just as well have won the grand prize, a Caribbean luxury cruise.

She was way leading the race hand over fist until just weeks before the contest was set to end, at which point she suffered the misfortune of losing 90% of her traffic almost overnight and had to embark on the streneous task of rebuilding everything.

"That's the way it is with marketing. You just never know what's going to happen" Bjorna explains. "Which is why in our sales contests the competition is always fierce till the very end"

Bjorna, who is since back up and running and is once again dominating the CarbonCopyPRO leaderboards, adds, "All the top producers are great friends though. We mastermind regularly and we're always bouncing ideas off of one another. This way we all continue to grow as leaders and as marketers"

So how do the guys feel about having a woman with them at the top? "Actually, I think they kind of like the company" winks Bjorna.

"As women we clearly bring something a little different to the table, a different perspective" she explains. "We need both men and women in leadership. We compliment each other. They guys recognize this...we all recognize this"

Bjorna also spoke on stage at the event, in front of the over 700 attendees, on the concept of Attraction Marketing in the follow-up process. This may have been her first, but will surely not be her last, presentation at a CarbonCopyPRO Master Marketing Event...not if the enthusiastic audience has its say.

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