Source: Press Release 4/28/2010

Wealth Masters International Press Release

Wealth Masters International announces the winners of first quarter's M1 sales awards, and Lena Bjorna, who won first price for most M1 sales in the month of January, ties for second place.

Wealth Masters CEO Kip Herriage together with president Karl Bessey proudly announced the names of the first quarter's top producers on a company call yesterday: Lena Bjorna, Gregg Davison, Jeff Learner and Andrew J. Cass each took home several ounces of gold together with the public recognition.

"Cass, Learner and Davison are friends of mine and individuals that I have a great deal of respect for" Bjorna says. "I am humbled to be considered a main contender in a sales contest among accomplished professionals like them"

Bjorna, who won first prize for M1 sales in the month of January this year, and has now achieved second place alongside Learner for most quarterly sales, has also recently witnessed the M1 home study course undergo a substantial makeover.

What used to be a course mostly relevant to Americans and Canadians, was re-launched on February 1st in a brand new and completely international version. It now contains financial education relevant to everyone regardless of where they live in the world.

"This is something I anticipated" Bjorna says. "Now that Wealth Masters is open in all countries world-wide, this was the natural next step"

"Especially since WMI's partner company CarbonCopyPRO started on the process of translating all its training materials into multiple languages last year. Since the two work so closely together, it only made sense that WMI, too, would start focusing more on the international market"

Bjorna, who has personally sponsored consultants in 19 countries on five continents, says she is extremely pleased to see this change.

She explains: "The education contained in the M1 program is now more valuable, more applicable than ever before. And it is a product that is certain to make a huge difference in the financial lives of their customers, whether they decide to work with WMI as a distributor or not"

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