Source: CNET Networks 3/18/2007

Music hub BurnLounge releases new version

Well, the music offerings at South by Southwest are heating up, and we'll keep you posted on the good ones. I mentioned BurnLounge in a Hoooka, which is a start-up that lets you sell music through a MySpace widget. BurnLounge, which has been around for a while longer, has a similar model: create your own music store, choose the music in it (WMA format), add your own reviews and recommendations, and (optimally) profit. But until this point, it had been just that--standalone personalized music stores, lacking additional functionality that most people think of when they think of new Web brands, such as social networking features and embeddable widgets. Today, however, the NYC-based BurnLounge unveiled its latest incarnation, known as "BL2." It's now open to current BurnLounge retailers, and will be accessible to the public next month.

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