Source: 5/3/2010

US Pavilion Sponsored By Amway At World Expo

When the Shanghai crowd visited the 2010 World Expo at the U.S. pavilion, the audience saw a video word from Amway Corp that played reputation and pride-building messages according to Dana Boals, vice president of global Amway brands.

She explained that Amway loves having a presence there, and that the demonstration was not an advertisement. "The State Department approved all the pieces that go into the USA pavilion. It is non-commercial." said Boals.

Expecting to draw roughly 70 million people, the Shanghai gathering is likely to be the largest and longest running. Having started this weekend, it will run through the summer until a big finale for the show ending Oct. 31.

There are a total of 47 "Pavilion Partners," including Amway, Doublemint gum, and Deloitte, who paid over $3 million in sponsorship. A portion of U.S. companies bought the top-shelf "Global Partners" spot by paying over than $5 million in cash.

"It's been very, very stimulating, fast-moving, and we made the deadlines; our brand will be presented. China is Amway's largest market. The sustainability theme has an interest to us as a brand, because we have always thought about sustainability in our business practices.' Boals said.

The expo is held on the banks of the Huangpu River beneath a rooftop vegetable garden, building-cooling waterfalls of recycled water, and green spaces. Visitors will see the U.S. brands throughout the walk through the U.S. pavilion, but won't be exposed to heavy sales pitches.

Despite the efforts of Amway and other sponsors delivering their message to the masses, companies will not be staffing the exhibit.

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