Source: 6/27/2010

MonaVie Accuses Zrii Of Copying Pay Plan

A well known nutritional fruit drink manufacturer, MonaVie, is suing Zrii for allegedly copying its copywrited compensation plan and using it to compensate its independent distributors. Compensation plans are integral parts of a company's design due to it being a major factor in a distributor's decision to work with the company. Both MonaVie and Zrii are multi level marketers, and both compete for distributors whom are compensated depending on sales and recruitment to new distributors they bring into the company.

MonaVie alleges that Zrii's pay plans have a "nearly identical arrangement, coordination and special layout of the titles, paragraphs and sections, highlighted examples, notes and graphic depictions." According to Graden Jackson, MonaVie's attorney, Zrii lifted various provisions, almost word for word out of MonaVie's compensation plan. Zrii's attorney, Mary Anne Wood, denied the allegations stating that neither her nor Zrii sees any copyright infringement.

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