Source: Press Release 8/29/2010

Zrii Announces Keynote Speaker

Zrii, LLC has announced that Bob Davies will be the keynote speaker at the company's upcoming 2010 Convention in San Diego, California. Mr. Davies is a professional speaker, author, trainer, and coach who helps others step through their own fears and resistances to tap into their own performance potentials.

Growing up in a single-parent low-income household, Bob became involved in athletics and had a coach who was a source of expectations, hope and accountability. Now, Bob shares his personal stories about how he changed his point of view to break free of his "poverty mentality" and reached his goals in his business, health, and personal life. Bob's background has given him the tools to form successful systems around strategic planning, time accountability, tracking, and other skills that enable individuals to tap into the highest level of their potential.

Graduating in 1975 from Rutgers University, Bob was a high school teacher and coach for two years before enrolling at Springfield College in Massachusetts to earn a master's degree in Psychology. Upon graduation he was hired as the head football, head wresting coach, and researcher at California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena California. Bob left Cal Tech in 1979 for an assistant football coaching position at California State University Fullerton where his success techniques helped an average football team to win two conference championships.

Bob holds the highest credential available in the field of certified personal and professional coaching, Master Certified Coach. In addition to conducting personal coaching sessions he has served as a corporate coach for several organizations and associations. He is also the author of several audio CD programs, DVD programs, and three books The Sky is Not the Limit- You Are!, Coaching for High Performance, and, The 1.2% Factor-The Science of How the Small Change of Accountability Leads to Large Results.

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Formally launched in May 2008, Zrii LLC, is an International wellness company that utilizes the direct selling industry to market an exclusive nutritional beverage, Zrii the Original Amalaki™, and a revolutionary weight management product, NutriiVeda™. Based primarily on the ancient wellness practices of Ayurveda, Zrii's products ( are fully endorsed by the prestigious Chopra Center for Wellbeing™, Zrii's Independent Executives throughout five countries are committed to helping individuals achieve better health and wealth.

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