Source: Press Release 8/4/2010

CEO Of Herbalife Talks Weight Management

August is going to be the most happening month in the year 2010. At least as far as stevenage is concerned, because herbalife is doing a research regarding obesity and the answer to it. It has suggested various ways through which obesity and weight gain can be checked.

When I asked the CEO he told us that "Today we are leading a pretty hectic lifestyle .We are pretty busy and do not even have the time to take our meals properly. For convenience we generally buy and eat junk foods which are high in salt and fat. This coupled with lack of exercise is further aggravating the problem.

Obesity is something that takes a lot of time to develop. It is the result of continuous neglect and not implementing even the simplest step. It takes time for imbalances in food and faulty lifestyle choices to toll on your health, once it does; you become chronically overweight or obese. Moreover, it seems that the idea of normalcy has changed a bit. Thanks to the new breed of overweight celebrities. We tend to compare ourselves to them and do not realize how important it is to lose weight. Well this can be a costly mistake.

Sometimes we do not get the adequate will power to take active steps to lose weight. In that case it makes practical sense to seek help from an expert .I am not talking about joining a slimming club. In fact, there are lot of alternatives available especially with the natural weight loss programs that guides you to control your diet additionally it also provides personal mentoring support. My suggestion to all will be to look to choose a company that was in existence for more than at least 20 years. So you know that there is someone whom you can trust and don't fall victim to flashy newspaper adds that promises something and delivers nothing. Choose immediately because it's your life." So we see that the CEO is upbeat about the prospects of weight loss and has suggested some very practical ways to deal with obesity. No wonder he is an experienced man in the field of fitness, life style and health services.

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