Source: Press Release 8/4/2010

Wealth Masters International Holds Wealth Conference

Doris Hullett joined the Wealth Master's International M3 Private Wealth Conference for financial literacy education at the Ritz-Carlton in Montego Bay, Jamaica July 12-18, 2010. Formerly a Community College Educator of Family Literacy, and Speech/Language Phonetic Literacy, she has turned her educational focus to Internet marketing and Financial Literacy through her business with WMI. She offers through Wealth Masters not only the M1 financial education product line component, but also the M2 and M3 for people seeking a business.

The Wealth Masters International m3 wealth conference in Jamaica focused on global economics, financial literacy, education, and opportunities during economic lows, as we are seeing in today's economic recession.

Conference speakers were world-renowned experts, CEO's and top financial authorities, teaching strategies in their specialty fields of finance, business and world economics.

WMI emphasizes Wealth, Health and Wisdom; Kip Herriage, CEO and Co-Founder of Wealth Masters imparts, "We believe that health is just as important of a topic as wealth, because truly, a prosperity lifestyle entails being healthy enough to actually enjoy your wealth." During the WMI event we were informed and challenged to have healthier life styles, as well!

Owning a small business creates the financial freedom many are seeking today, especially with job loss at an all time high. It's important to take care of your family; there is no job security. "I believe WMI provides these solutions all in one company," related Doris Hullett.

"Most inspiring were the events designed to conquer mental barriers and challenges we face regarding goals in our personal life," Hullett shared. "The zipline was fun, but also challenged your trust factors. The Rebar-bending activity was a challenge against one's own commitment, and finally, a map-maze challenged one's ability to get right back up when there is apparent failure."

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