Source: Press Release 8/5/2010

CarbonCopyPRO Welcomes Jeff Learner President Of Operations

Internet marketing education and resources company CarbonCopyPRO has named Jeff Learner as its new Senior Vice President of Operations.

A member of CarbonCopyPRO since 2008, Mr. Learner will now oversee the company's day-to-day operations. "Jeff brings to the table his own brand of optimism and an incomparable work ethic," stated PRO's CEO Jay Kubassek. "We believe his lightning-bolt success as a marketer coupled with his heartfelt commitment to assisting our members achieve success uniquely qualifies him for this vital role within the company."

An accomplished jazz pianist, Mr. Learner cut his entrepreneurial teeth as a franchisee for a major restaurant chain before joining CarbonCopyPRO to learn the ins and outs of running an Internet-based business.

"I am living proof of CarbonCopyPRO's positive impact on entrepreneurs who are committed to learning," stated Mr. Learner from the company's New York headquarters. "Knowing firsthand the quality of PRO's training, customer service and support and the opportunities and doors that can open for our members makes this position more than just an opportunity for me ... I consider it a privilege and a joy to serve our members. With our cutting-edge Internet business curriculum, our new brick-and-mortar business division, and a myriad of new products and solutions in development, the sky is truly the limit for PRO and its members. What a fun ride it's going to be!"

CarbonCopyPRO's services, available today in 192 countries and 50 languages, are designed to teach anyone anywhere in the world how to market anything to anybody. The company's mission is to empower entrepreneurs around the world to create real results by challenging the status quo and thinking differently. Please visit for more information.

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