Source: Press Release 2/2/2011

Regeneca-Ethos Environmental Press Release

Ethos Environmental, Inc. Announces Sales And Marketing Strategy And Will Highlight RegenErect(TM) At Its Celebration Event At The Palms Casino In Las Vegas

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 31, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ethos Environmental, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ETEV) management announced today the Company's direct response network marketing strategy and its product RegenErect tm, a natural male erectile stimulant, will be featured at the Company's first celebration event at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, February 11 th through the 13 th for Independent Business Owners and Shareholders. Ethos Environmental Inc., through Regeneca International, Inc., has developed a commercialization model that combines the best of Direct Response, brand promotion and consumer acquisition, with the high-touch relationship-retention driven sales of Network Marketing. Our corporate creed is to provide consumers with products that are natural and premium quality and must fit the highest standard of conservation and reduced carbon footprint. The products must work to preserve and improve the user's health. We utilize recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible to preserve the land - ensuring the efficacy, safety and quality of the products without frills and excess paper goods. Our methods don't just apply to the production of our products. Our packaging, distribution and marketing strategies are designed to engage directly with consumers. This reduces unnecessary expense, energy waste and cost. Our products are designed with our corporate creed in mind - unique, efficacious, earth-friendly premium products and service. Our products truly help you and your body to regenerate itself. This is our commitment to the Whole Earth, Whole Body approach to health. RegenErect tm is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. Challenging consumers to try it themselves to determine if it is " Better than Viagra tm*? " Doctor recommended RegenErect tm offers a natural alternative to drug-based erectile stimulants. RegenErect tm is the lead product in the Regeneca portfolio. The Company has launched consumer awareness through its website at . As the anchor product of the Company, RegenErect tm will create brand awareness and marketing momentum that will propel a family of other unique and effective natural products. The launch campaign will focus on an infomercial and other direct-to-consumer offers, followed by an auto-ship program available to consumers at preferred customer prices. *Viagra is a registered trademark of Pfizer Corporation

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