Source: Press Release 2/8/2011

EvolvHealth Announces Merger Agreement With XOWii

Evolv Health announced today that XOWii is joining the Evolv Health team. Both Evolv Health and XOWii were founded in the fall of 2009, and they complement one another in terms of product lines, momentum within the direct sales industry, and business model.

The flagship product marketed by Evolv Health is an enhanced water beverage which contains the proprietary Archaea ActiveTM formula. The result of a 15 plus year development process, this scientifically based product has been shown to have various health benefits. XOWii markets health and nutritional products that include a weight loss line, nutritional supplements, and a healthy energy drink which is enhanced with Glucosamine for joint health and resveratrol to support a healthy heart.

The XOWii 90 Day Challenge program, which will be introduced to all distributors in the combined company, launched XOWii into rapid growth which resulted in it being one of the fastest growing companies in the direct sales industry in 2010. Likewise, Evolv Health has experienced tremendous growth, and is currently ranked as the number one direct sales company for momentum by

Evolv Health and XOWii are both dedicated to helping others to improve not only their health and well being, but their financial situations. Both companies are headed by management teams that offer true leadership, integrity, and vision. Although both Evolv Health and XOWii are less than a year and a half old, both have accomplished rapid international expansion. Evolv Health currently operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Peru. XOWii is operational in the United States, Peru, and Chile.

Mr. Brent Hicks, CEO of Evolv Health, has been quoted as saying "With XOWii's products and leadership, combined with our flagship ground breaking technology, Archaea ActiveTM , we believe this partnership represents an outstanding addition to our Evolv vision and portfolio. It also represents an excellent opportunity to our new field partners¸in the XOWii distributors, as they will be available to expand business into Canada, Mexico, and soon Columbia."

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