Source: Press Release 3/3/2011

Numis Releases New Compensation Plan

Numis Network today unveiled a revised compensation plan for its representatives which embodies the company's mission statement: "To help people around the world live wealthier and happier lives." The new plan is a vehicle for creating financial success through buying and selling collectible coins and crystals.

"With the current economic uncertainty, Numis Network is the only one building assets and generating wealth for many business owners today," said Lawrence Tam, a leading representative in the Numis Network.

The plan, displayed on the company's website, features an easy "1-2-3" start-up strategy, an enumeration of income potential and bonuses, and a comprehensive career-path graph.

Numis Network Representatives are rewarded as much for the success of their downlines as they are on their own, meaning that each representative's performance is inexorably linked to his or her dedication to mentoring new associates.

Numis Network's compensation plan allows for high income potential through a combination of commissions, bonuses, and a binary system of compensation through downline efforts. For example, representatives can earn as much as $50,000 directly through the sales of their downlines alone.

After enrolling in Numis Network, associates will receive the aid of the the company's powerful Success System resources in addition to the mentorship of their upline. They will immediately begin earning commissions and customer sales bonuses as they begin to sell products and enroll new associates.

Next, associates may choose to join the Numis Network's Silver Coin of the Month Club. This is not just a fine opportunity to build a collection of valuable coins (a significant asset for representatives and their families); it's also an ideal way to ensure that associates remain active and qualified for downline bonuses when they are eligible.

The third step in the start-up strategy is to become an executive -- either by generating a certain amount of sales volume in a 30-day period or by purchasing the Fast Track Collector's Kit -- and to continue to make sales and advance to higher ranks and higher compensation.

The company also provides for a number of other bonuses, each explained in detail on the site. Included are a $100 Legacy Matching Bonus, a $50 Foundation Matching Bonus, and a $20 Satellite Matching Bonus. Bonuses are based not directly on a representative's work, but rather on the success of his or her downline representatives.

Among the most attractive of the incentives included in the compensation plan are the one-time $5,000 bonuses and the multi-hundred dollar monthly bonuses for buying a new 6 or 7 series silver BMW. If a representative maintains a 6-star rank for 4 months, for example, the monthly bonus is $500; maintaing 6 stars for 10 months means a monthly benefit of $1,500.

Finally, the Numis Network's compensation plan offers Luxury Incentive Award Trips for distinguished leaders. The last contest featured a 7-day cruise to the Carribean.

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