Source: Press Release 3/30/2011

Nu Skin Presents ageLOC Science

New research from Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. identifies nutritional interventions to help reset the expression of genes responsible for cellular purification. The research was presented at the Oxidative Stress & Disease Gordon Research Conference March 13-18 in Ventura, Calif.

"This research identifying groups of genes and genetic pathways that change in expression as we age is essential to building our proprietary ageLOC science that targets the sources of aging," said Joe Chang, Ph.D., Nu Skin chief scientific officer and executive vice president of product development. "As we target groups of genes - or Youth Gene Clusters - with specific functions such as cellular purification, we can then screen natural ingredient compounds for their effectiveness in resetting the expression of those Youth Gene Clusters towards more youthful patterns. This research expands our innovative ageLOC technology and has application for the discovery of novel nutritional interventions."

Nu Skin's unique approach to anti-aging draws on exclusive access to 30 years of anti-aging genetic research and the study presented at the Gordon Research Conference identifies Youth Gene Clusters related to cellular purification, as well as nutrients and plant extracts that can directly target and reset the expression of those genes. The strength of this research is found in the in vivo screening of several different natural compounds for the ability to oppose age-related changes in gene expression that are integrally involved in cellular purification. Specific ingredients were demonstrated to modulate genes involved in cellular purification, the synthesis and regulation of intrinsic antioxidants, and supporting healthy inflammatory balance. This technique affords an opportunity to define the optimal blend of ingredients that can oppose genetic changes in these key pathways directly related to human aging.

With age, the cellular purification system in human bodies may become less effective, which can lead to accumulation of metabolic waste, harmful byproducts and cellular damage. The impairment of this intricate purification process can in turn accelerate aging.

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