Source: Press Release 1/26/2012

Neways Launches Philanthropic Program

SPRINGVILLE, Utah, Jan. 25, 2012 -- Formalizing its existing program for humanitarian efforts, Neways announced the formation of the Neways Gives program. The effort commences with a partnership between Neways and Mali Rising Foundation to construct a school in an impoverished area of Mali, West Africa.

"Part of the Healthy Homes mission is to assist in establishing healthy communities, and education is a critical foundation of any strong and self-sustaining community," says Scott St. Clair, Neways CEO. "Neways feels fortunate to be involved in constructing a school that will ultimately lead children in Africa to a brighter future."

Mali Rising Foundation has constructed 13 schools in Mali, Africa, the fourth most impoverished nation in the world. The founder, Yeah Samake, is a graduate of Brigham Young University and has close ties to Utah. He currently resides in Mali and is running for the office of president of that nation while closely participating in the foundation.

"I could stay in America," says Samake, "but America does not need me. Mali needs me. If you could see the joy in the children's eyes when they realize they will have the opportunity to continue their education without facing the dangers of walking up to 20 miles round trip, you would feel the enormity of what you've done for them. We are so thankful to Neways and to all the distributors who are making this possible for these children."

Mali Rising Foundation obtains part of the funding for the schools from private donations and part from the villages and government. The construction of the schools provides jobs to villagers, who help build, and teach at the schools. "In this way," explains Samake, "we encourage hand up, not handouts."

As part of the Neways Gives program, Neways also participated in donations for the Road Home homeless shelter and has announced its participation with the March of Dimes in 2012.


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