Source: Press Release 1/6/2012

Wealth Masters International Names VP of Operations for PURE

Houston (January 5, 2012) - Wealth Masters International celebrates the arrival of entrepreneurial veteran David Robey to the executive team of their sister entity PURE, a separate nutrition company dedicated to vibrant health from the ground up. As PURE's Vice President of Operations, David has over fifteen years of new business development, product rollout, e-commerce and strategic planning experience. He has been instrumental in the success of numerous startup ventures and has a long history in high technology, communications media and network marketing. "As a professional colleague I've known Dave for years and we were thrilled when he decided to join the PURE team," said Troy Allen, PURE President. "A balanced approach to strategy and tactics is so critical to business success. Very few top executives out there can match Dave's intelligent blend of detailed, day-to-day operations expertise with the ability to grasp the big picture and manage to it. We couldn't imagine having anyone better suited for this role as we move into our pre-launch phase." Before joining PURE, David oversaw the operational aspects of successful enterprises in real estate, e-commerce and network marketing, including infrastructure development, product design, staffing, quality assurance and customer relationship management. His role at PURE will be to ensure the smooth and timely flow of resources in all aspects of the operation, from process to products to people. "Dave is a born collaborator with amazing creative energy," said Becky Maes, M.D., PURE's Chief Medical Officer. "We're so excited to have him in the PURE family." In addition to his PURE duties, David will be an asset to the creative team in the Wealth Masters home office. Reflecting on his new role with PURE, David said, "We have a big mission ahead of us and I firmly believe in the tremendous leadership we have in place. That leadership, in conjunction with the profound vision behind the company and our life-changing products will establish PURE as the new definition of 'natural' and what it means to experience abundant health. PURE is going to be huge." PURE is entering a pre-launch phase in January with a full-scale formal launch scheduled for the second quarter of 2012.

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