Source: Press Release 4/20/2012

Tahitian Noni International Is Now Morinda Bioactives

Company Announces New Name and Creates a New Bioactive Platform

PROVO, UT April 18, 2012 -- Tahitian Noni International announced in January that they would be accelerating the pace of innovation and greatly expanding their business focus in 2012 and would be changing their name to Morinda Bioactives (Morinda) at their International Leadership Conference in April. The announcement is official. Tahitian Noni International is now Morinda Bioactives.

"From the beginning, we've been more than just a noni company," stated John Wadsworth, president of Tahitian Noni International. "Noni is a bioactives powerhouse, with 14 unique iridoids that offer an astonishing range of health benefits. We couldn't have picked a more powerful medicinal plant to build a company around. We've always been a bioactives company. The new name stays true to our noni roots (since Morinda citrifolia is the scientific name for noni), while broad enough to capture the new bioactives vision. The name Morinda symbolizes everything that this company represents-past, present, and future."

The company is positioning itself to take advantage of greater opportunities for their IPCs. The bioactive platform will include bioactive products from multiple sources, not just noni. "It is all part of a strategic effort to better achieve our original vision, mission, and goals-to enable us to transform more lives than ever before," continued Wadsworth. "What is changing is the scope of our mission, as well as our ability to affect lives-thus allowing us to reach larger markets in a credible way."

John Wadsworth concluded by saying, "We are committed to building a company that will last for generations. Our scientific research has allowed us to expand our vision, and helps us to evolve and innovate. This commitment allows us to embrace new discoveries and is what's leading us to change our company name to better reflect and encompass who we are."

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