Source: Press Release 11/4/2012

ViSalus Announces New Immunity Boosting Product

November 3, 2012, Hawthorne, CA -- Thousands of people around the country and the world have turned to ViSalus and the company's revolutionary weight loss shakes and Body by Vi packages, and these users have seen big results, according to Body by Vi reviews. ViSalus is known for its 90 Day Challenge, which users complete by using patented meal replacement shakes that not only satisfy your hunger, but also provide your body with the nourishment it needs to be fueled and healthy. ViSalus products differ from other weight loss shakes because their products are nutritionally sound, and contain all the vitamins, proteins, carbs and fats that are needed to be strong and energetic.

As people have shared their miraculous results through the use of the shakes, ViSalus is excited to announce the development of a new product, the Vi-Defy immunity booster, just as the dreaded cold and flu season is approaching.

The focus of ViSalus has always been a holistic approach towards not only weight loss, but also overall health, which is what led them to develop an immunity booster. Vi-Defy is designed to strengthen and supports the body's natural defenses and can be used by anyone to help create a robust immune system to actively fight off germs, infections and diseases. The product has been launched as part of ViSalus' continuing mission to create a whole-body revolution, bringing members to their peak physically and mentally, supporting them emotionally, and now protecting them from the rigors of daily life.

"Often cold and flu season can serve as not only a time where you suffer from the unwanted symptoms of sickness, but sickness can also deter you from other goals, such as fitness and weight loss goals, or even work and family-related goals," said a spokesperson for ViSalus. "That's why we wanted to design a product that can assist people in avoided sickness that can lead to other problems in all areas of their lives. Our products aren't just about weight loss, or one particular goal, they're about creating a better overall lifestyle, and part of that lifestyle is being as healthy as possible."

"Inevitably when you set out to change your whole lifestyle for the better, the body is going to experience these changes as something of a surprise. The Vi-Defy product is designed to boost the body's defenses and make sure that the initial energy it takes to start the program doesn't distress the immune system. When used regularly, the supplement provides a continuous boost in protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria and virii," said the ViSalus spokesperson.

All of the Body by Vi products by ViSalus work to meet these holistic goals. Where most fitness, diet or lifestyle programs generally offer only one of these elements, Body By Vi is one of the first to create a kit containing all three, with diet and nutrition, exercise regimes and community support all included in a single package.

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