Source: Press Release 2/8/2012

FHTM Announces Taxbot

Lexington, Ky. February 06, 2012 -- FHTM announced last week that Taxbot, an online and mobile tax relief software application, would be available to FHTM Independent Representatives and their customers beginning today.

Taxbot, which was founded in 2011 by Sandy Botkin, Tom Murphy and Jake Randall, is a mobile and online application that provides small business owners the ability to capture expenses and turn them into IRS and CRA compliant tax deductions. Botkin has had over 30 years experience in the tax industry and was looking for a way to help small business owners and protect them from audits.

The Taxbot application will track your business mileage through your smart phone or tablet using GPS, store and organize receipts via a simple photo system, capture expenses in real time, and sync all records securely in the cloud. The application is also available online. In addition, Taxbot provides FHTM Representatives and their customers with expert tips from Sandy Botkin, including exclusive access to secrets he only shares during his Tony Robbins and Donald Trump seminars.

FHTM and Taxbot are equally excited about the new relationship and the opportunities it brings both companies. "FHTM is a great company, and I look forward to helping their customers quickly and easily reduce their taxes! I will be giving them tips, tricks and strategies such as how to capture more car deductions, how to write-off medical expenses, and how to make vacations tax deductible," says Botkin.

Jeff Orberson, FHTM's Chief Business Officer explains, "We wanted to provide a product that allowed customers to quickly and easily reduce their business taxes. FHTM is excited to offer home based business owners an intuitive application that allows them to track business expenses on the run."

Taxbot is now officially available to customers of US and Canadian Independent Representatives.

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