Source: Press Release 4/10/2012

Youngevity Doubles Shipping Capacity

SAN DIEGO, Apr 10, 2012 -- AL International, a global direct marketer of lifestyle and nutritional products and services and gourmet coffee, reports that it has doubled its shipping capacity at its growing direct-selling subsidiary, Youngevity Essential Life Sciences. The three new stations, located in Chula Vista, Calif., boost the Company's overall shipping capacity from 1,500 to 3,000 packages in a single shift, which is designed to support the Company's current level of growth.

Youngevity's increased shipping capacity has become necessary due to the success of two health & wellness campaigns that were launched in November 2011 to rave reviews: the '90 For Life' Campaign and the 'Get Skinny' Program. The new shipping stations were integrated into Youngevity's existing shipping network and are designed to handle steadily increasing demand for the products associated with the campaigns, and leaders on the Company's roster of over 400 nutritional products and specialized fortified coffee. The Company currently has more than 70,000 active distributors and customers and fulfills approximately 36,000 orders on a monthly basis.

The '90 For Life' Campaign promotes the Company's philosophy that all individuals need at least 90 essential nutrients for good health. All of these nutrients are included in the Company's Healthy Start Pak™ that includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine® (a multivitamin/mineral/amino acid supplement), EFA Plus™ (an essential fatty acid supplement), and Osteo-fx Plus™ (a bone and joint health supplement). Beyond Tangy Tangerine® is currently Youngevity's most popular product in both volume and revenue, and has consecutively generated over $1 million in both February and March. Collectively, these products have been designed to address a wide range of health issues common in the US today, ranging from support for healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels to cardiovascular, bone and joint, and brain health.*

The Get Skinny Program promotes healthy weight loss and features the Company's Slender Fx™ Weight Management System. The System integrates a set of four core nutritional supplements that promote elements such as metabolism, comprehensive nutrient intake, and detoxification/cleansing. The Company continues to receive positive feedback from its customers on the Get Skinny Program, and attributes the growth in customers and distributors to the demand for the products included in the weight management system.

To date, Youngevity is the only network marketing company to successfully petition the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to establish qualified health claims for selenium, antioxidant vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Steve Wallach, Chief Executive Officer of AL International, said, "Youngevity's increased shipping capacity gives us the ability to fulfill an unprecedented number of orders per month. As we previously reported, we added 25,000 new customer and distributor enrollments in the past four months alone. This achievement, alongside our expectations of a continuing surge in our network of customers and distributors, necessitates greater shipping capabilities, which we now possess. We are focused on driving revenue and believe our current product portfolio and distribution network will facilitate our growth plans. As we come closer to completing our upcoming audit and announcing our first-quarter results in May, we believe our investors will see the impact of our campaigns in our numbers. We look forward to updating our shareholders on our next earnings call."

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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