Source: 5/24/2012

Destiny 2000 Bank Accounts Frozen

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) in Bangladesh has asked banks to freeze the accounts of Destiny 2000 Ltd, after the tax authority detected anomalies in tax and VAT in some of Destiny's bank accounts and determined that Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd, a concern of Destiny Group, had violated tax rules.

In its ongoing investigation, the Anti-Corruption Commission has discovered that the directors of Destiny Group transferred nearly Tk 100 crore of the organisation to their personal bank accounts.

To investigate potential money laundering by Destiny's 14 directors, the central bank asked all banks to provide it with information on the accounts of the directors.

A case is also being filed against Destiny Group and its three engineers by the Department of Environment of Chittagong division for building on the Cox's Bazar beach without environmental clearance, which could result in three years' imprisonment for the offenders.

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