Source: Press Release 6/28/2012

Avon Launches Corporate Responsibility Blog

NEW YORK, Jun. 27 - Avon Products, Inc. today launched the company's first corporate blog, Avon's Calling, as part of the company's commitment to transparency and communication on the many facets of Corporate Responsibility.

Avon's Calling can be accessed through the company's online Corporate Responsibility Report [] or through the direct URL

New content will post every Tuesday, covering ideas, news and perspectives relevant to Avon's three mission areas - which include empowering women, sustainability and philanthropy - as well as the wide ranging areas encompassed by the ever changing concept of Corporate Responsibility. "Late breaking news" or developments will drive more frequent posts.

The primary bloggers of Avon's Calling are Avon's Corporate Responsibility team, including Tod Arbogast, Vice President, Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, and Susan Arnot Heaney, Executive Director, Corporate Responsibility. Avon will also bring fresh perspectives to the content by enlisting contributors from within various areas of Avon and from outside the company, including the philanthropic partners of programs such as Avon Hello Green Tomorrow.

"We are proud to launch Avon's Calling as the latest outreach in our goal to be transparent and to offer a dialogue with our many stakeholders," stated Arbogast. "Avon has a long heritage as a global change agent, tackling issues a diverse as deforestation and domestic violence, and part of our success is through sharing information and listening to others."

The first post, penned by Heaney, is on the connection between altruism and worker productivity and commitment. As Heaney noted, "if blogs existed back in 1886, when Avon was founded, I am confident our founder, David H. McConnell, would have been an enthusiastic blogger. He stated that the company would 'meet fully the obligations of corporate citizenship,' and blogging is another tool to share, listen and learn as corporate citizens."

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