Source: Npros 7/31/2012

Destiny 2000 Chairman and 21 Others Charged with Money Laundering

Dhaka, Jul 31 -- The Anti Corruption Commission of Bangladesh filed charges of embezzling over Tk 32.85 billion against 22 officials of Destiny 2000 Ltd, including its Chairman, Rafiqul Amin.

Amin and the other officials are accused of misappropriating more than Tk 11.74 billion from Destiny 2000's tree plantation project and over Tk 21.06 billion in the name of the Destiny Multi-purpose Co-operative Society.

The defendants are accused of transferring money from these projects to their unprofitable institutions and then shifting the money to their personal accounts.

If the accused are found guilty, they will have to pay back double the amount to the victims through the government, and their personal property could be confiscated. They could also be jailed for at least 12 years.

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