Source: Press Release 8/28/2012

Vemma to Launch Chris Powell Bod-e Shake

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- 08/27/12 -- On Saturday, TV Celebrity Transformation Specialist Chris Powell announced for the very first time the perfect meal replacement shake: the Chris Powell Bod-e Shake. The new product will launch in November and is made by Vemma Nutrition Company, a leader in liquid wellness supplementation. The Chris Powell Bod-e Shake was developed to meet nutrition specifications determined by Chris Powell through his years of research, along with Vemma's Chief Scientific Officer, Yibing Wang, MD, PhD.

A major believer in quality nutrition and natural (non-surgical) weight loss, Powell encourages people to eat a healthy, balanced diet, which can include meal replacement shakes. "I've been working with individuals who struggle with weight issues for over 10 years, and shakes really have a place in an active, busy lifestyle. They're convenient, but I was never impressed with what was offered in the market. So my wife Heidi and I would make our own. We drink them every day," says Chris Powell.

The new product was announced Saturday, August 25, at a training event in North Carolina, where free samples of the Chris Powell Bod-e Shake were given to approximately 900 Brand Partners. The event was streamed live on, and Chris and Heidi Powell joined in via Skype to talk about the new product. "I can't wait for this meal replacement shake this fall! It's perfectly built with the proper protein, carb and healthy fat ratios that all my clients follow. This is yet another major milestone in the Bod-e line of weight management products," says Powell.

"This product came about because we're listening to the experts in weight loss," says Vemma Founder and CEO BK Boreyko. "Chris Powell convinced me that meal replacement shakes work, and that a healthier, more balanced shake is definitely needed. Our R&D team collaborated with Chris and Heidi to create a product that's superior to anything else."

The Chris Powell Bod-e Shake complements other products in the line, which includes Bod-e Burn, Bod-e Rest, Bod-e Cleanse, and Bod-e Thirst. The Chris Powell Bod-e Shake will be available in two exciting flavors. Each shake will include the original Vemma formula, a physician-formulated blend of premium antioxidants, mangosteen, vitamins and minerals, along with the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, for optimal results.*

The original Bod-e product line was launched in the U.S. in January 2012, sparking the company's first $1 million sales day. After steadily climbing sales in the U.S., the Bod-e line launched in Europe this summer.

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