Source: Press Release 1/24/2013

Mannatech Independent Associates Step Up to Nourish One Thousand Children

COPPELL, Texas, Jan 23, 2013 -- Mannatech, Incorporated, the leading innovator and provider of nutritional supplements based on Real Food Technology(R) solutions, announced today the results of its Founder's Challenge initiative in December 2012.

Through the Founder's Challenge, Mannatech celebrated its heritage of giving. The initiative served to help fulfill the dream of Sam Caster, Mannatech's Founder, of impacting the global issues of malnutrition and changing the lives of millions of children in desperate need of hope and health. Associates' one simple act of giving changed the lives of a thousand children for an entire year. Participation was easy and the impact was far-reaching. Overall, 1,000 kits were purchased and 1,000 children were nourished.

The program behind the Founder's Challenge and company mission, Give for Real(SM), began in 2009. Give for Real is Mannatech's Donation Through Consumption program that helps nourish children in need around the world. As of November 2012, 9,377,168 servings have been distributed worldwide and 31,538 children helped. Give for Real supports Mannatech's initiative of Social Entrepreneurship, a forward-thinking business paradigm of solving the world's biggest problems like global malnutrition.

The Founder's Challenge brought to life Mannatech's new mission and vision statements.

Our mission is to fight global malnutrition by nourishing the world with Real Food Technology supplementation while empowering and rewarding the lives of those who champion our cause.

Our vision is to impact the global epidemic of childhood malnutrition by linking five million consumers of Real Food Technology supplementation with five million children in need.

Associates purchased a Founder's Challenge Kit of PhytoBlend(TM) powder for $100 that provided nourishment for a child in need for six months. Mannatech matched that purchase with another six months of PhytoBlend powder. It was then donated directly to MannaRelief who then distributed it where the needs are strongest. Founded in 1999 by Sam and Linda Caster, MannaRelief is a nonprofit organization providing proper nutritional support to undernourished children around the world. +

"The Founder's Challenge is a shining example of how we came together not only as a company, but as champions of our cause--people who are deeply dedicated to world change by fighting global malnutrition. The outpouring of support from Associates signifies the depth of our purpose and dedication to our most precious resource--our children. " -- Dr. Rob Sinnott, Mannatech CEO

Through Mannatech's Give for Real(SM) program, Associates consume the nutritional products they need, and Mannatech helps a child in need. Our goal is to link millions of consumers to millions of at-risk children around the globe. The concept of "Donation through Consumption" means that as our consumer business grows, so does our giving. It's not just a company vision, it's a partnership with like-minded individuals--social entrepreneurs--interested in making a change for themselves and for others.

+MannaRelief is an independent, nonprofit organization. It is not owned or operated by Mannatech, incorporated.

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